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Bloatbox 0.20.0

A free tool to remove unwanted elements from Windows 10

Operating Systems:
Windows 10
Software Cost:
System & Desktop Tools
Date Updated:
24 May 2021
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Download Size:
16.30 KB

If you'd come to the conclusion that Windows 10 was a little bloated, you would not be alone. And it is because of this that Bloatbox exists. There are plenty of built in apps that you simply don’t need, including sponsored apps that are essentially little more than advertisements for companies.

While there are manual steps you can take to remove unwanted components and trim down Windows to the essentials, the methods you need to employ are not necessarily particularly user friendly. With Bloatbox, however, things are kept delightfully simple so anyone can take control of their operating system .

Importantly, this tiny tool not only lets you remove the apps and components of Windows that you feel you can live without, it let you do so in batches. This means that there is no need to run multiple command line or PowerShell command.

 And the list of what you can remove is fairly extensive – currently there are 100 removable components, and more will certainly be added over time. For now you can remove the games you're not interested in, apps such as People, Calculator and Photos that you may not need or use. If you spend the time to go through the full list of what is available to you, you could end up clawing back a significant amount of drive space, but the most importantly you are placed in control of your computer and what occupies your hard drive.

It's worth pointing out that Windows may well throw up a warning about Bloatbox when you try to run it. While it is safe to say that you need to exercise caution when using the app – having up-to-date backups is a good idea – it is entirely safe to use.


While this is a piece of software that should be used with caution, for those who are concerned that Windows 10 is running out of control and filled with unnecessary bulk, Bloatbox is a great way to remove a whole bunch of unnecessary rubbish en masse.

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