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mRemoteNG manages your RDP, VNC, ICA, SSH, Telnet and other connections

21 February 2012, Mike Williams

Launching your various remote network connections normally requires a host of different tools: Remote Desktop, a VNC Client, Citrix ISA, SSH, Telnet, Rlogin and RAW clients and a whole lot more.

But if you prefer a simpler life then installing mRemoteNG (a fork of the mRemote project) could make a lot of sense.

When you first launch the program it’ll check your system to see which remote connection technologies it currently supports. On our test PC, for instance, mRemoteNG reports that we were currently set up to support RDP, VNC, PuTTY (SSH/ Telnet/ Rlogin/ RAW) and more.

The program checks that your system supports each connection technology

We weren’t configured to support Citrix ICA connections, unfortunately, but the program didn’t just say that. A helpful error message also told us where to download the appropriate client, and even provided instructions on how to register the relevant file manually.

Once you’re properly configured, it’s then very easy to create a new connection, provide the appropriate host name, user name and password.

You’ll then have to select the connection protocol from a list: RDP, VNC, SSH versions 1 and 2, Telnet, Rlogin, RAW, HTTP, HTTPS and ICA.

After that, you’ll be able to set up all the appropriate settings for that protocol. So for RDP, say, you’re able to tweak “Appearance” settings including resolution, number of colours, bitmap caching, whether to display wallpaper, themes and more.

And once you’ve built up a library of connections then you’re able to launch them at any time with a quick double-click, and view the results in mRemoteNG’s straightforward tabbed interface. It’s all very easy, and the program could be a useful tool for anyone who regularly works with multiple remote connection technologies.

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