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Deliver 1.0.1

Quickly and easily transfer files between iOS and OS X

Operating Systems:
Hongming Zhu
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Networking Tools
Date Updated:
06 November 2013
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2.10 MB

If you have a Mac and either an iPhone or iPad you’ll be only too aware that it can be pain working out the best way to transfer files from one device to the other. The exact process you use can vary from one app to another, but there is always the possibility of falling back on email attachments. When it comes to transferring files from one iOS device to another, things start to get even more tricky, but this is something that Deliver and Bubbles the Deliver can help with.

Deliver the Mac version of the app, while iOS users will need to install Bubbles the Deliver. These are two very simple, free tools that can be used to transfer files between Mac and iOS devices that are on the same network, but there is more to it than just that. The beauty of the apps is that there is virtual no configuration required – at its most basic you simply need to install and run the app on two devices.

On one of your devices you can then view a list of other apps on the network that are running the software and choose to send files to them. The actual transfer process is pleasingly quick but there are a number of other options that make the software even more worthy of attention. If you are concerned about privacy or security, it is possible to add password protection.

As well as providing you with the opportunity to transfer files between devices, Deliver and Bubbles the Deliver can also be used for messaging and text sharing. As devices need to be on the same network, messaging potential is a little limited but the ability to sharing text means that you can equip yourself with what is essentially a cloud-based clipboard and there are countless uses you will find for it.


A great utility that makes for easy file management and eliminates frustrations that Mac and iOS users have undoubtedly experienced.

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