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Xshell 7.0.0072

Powerful SSH, SFTP, TELNET terminal emulator

Operating Systems:
Windows 10, Windows 7 (32 bit), Windows 7 (64 bit), Windows 8
Trial Software
NetSarang Computer
Software Cost:
$99.00 (Windows)
Internet Tools
Date Updated:
05 May 2021
Downloads To Date:
Download Size:
28.10 MB

Xshell is an amazingly powerful terminal emulator which supports SSH, SFTP, TELNET, RLOGIN and SERIAL protocols.

The program supports all the standards that matter. There's VT100, VT220, VT320, XTERM, LINUX, SCOANSI and ANSI terminal emulation; UTF-8 support means you're able to view multiple language on a single screen; SSH1/SSH2, password, MIT Kerberos and DSA/RSA public key support cover your authentication needs; there's X11 forwarding, ZMODEM/ SFTP/ ASCII file transfer, Javascript, Python and VB Scripting support, and the list goes on.

You may never use most of these, of course, but don't be put off. Xshell is extremely powerful, but it's also surprisingly straightforward in operation.

The program opens with a command line, for instance, which actually works as a simple local shell at your Windows user folder (C:\Users\[UserName]). You can browse your system, manipulate files and run many DOS commands as usual. A tabbed interface means you can have several command line sessions open in the same window, and this could make it worth installing the program all on its own.

When you do need to open a new session, a detailed Session Properties helps you configure every aspect of the program: authentication, login scripts, SSH, terminal standards, appearance, logins and more.

But when you just need a quick SSH session, type your host name or IP address in the address bar (, Xshell will prompt for a logon and get you connected.

The program's more advanced features are on hand as required, then, but they won't otherwise get in your way, and if you're already using any similar program then you'll soon feel at home here.

Please note, the download link takes you to the developer site where you must click "Download", then register to obtain a a trial licence. This doesn't involve anything unusual, though - you just have to provide your email address - and otherwise the program is entirely adware and nag screen-free.


A very capable terminal emulator which is packed with features, yet is also relatively easy to use

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