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Momondo 140.0.2

Find your cheapest airfare and hotel options by this indepedent travel app

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26 July 2020
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It’s hard to find the best source for your travel needs, as simply there is so much information and availability. Multiple websites where you can book flights, hotels, cars, or all three. Add to that, you can never really be sure if you’re getting the best price. For instance, Expedia has built quite an empire, quietly owning many sites you use to search for your hotels.

One solid alternative is Momondo, who recently gained popularity through their ‘DNA’ commercial. Momondo is an independent aggregator that searches across the web for the best airfares and was found to be effective 95% of the time.

Open up the app and you’re instantly able to search for where to go, what type of trip, number of passengers, then you can also select travel class and travel dates and hit search.  What is neat about Momondo is that it enables you to hit ‘price calendar’ after you’ve made the search, this will highlight if there are cheaper days to travel within your search, so if you’re flexible, you will be able to save more money.

Momondo utilises over 600 airlines, booking sites, travel agencies, search engines and other travel discount sites which is sure to give you the best possible deal on your flight. Unlike other travel sites, Momondo also includes smaller or lesser known airlines to offer the best possible price. But do not think this means it is simply for the budget minded traveller, Momondo will also show you business/first-class options and will always display, cheapest, quickest and best, travel options based on what you have searched for.

You're also able to do similar searches for hotels and you’re sure to get a decent deal. Additionally, Momondo enables you to set up an account where you can save your favourite flights and hotels, set up fare alerts, or even view city guide apps. So you’re sure to know what to do when you arrive in your city as well. Currently, Copenhagen and London are the only cities available with more to follow shortly.


Momondo is a fantastic app! It's so easy to use and the fact its independent and they search over 600 sites makes you feel very comfortable you are getting the best price possible for your travel needs.

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