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Roundup: 17 essential downloads you may have missed from the last week

21 January 2012, Software Publisher

This has been another busy week for software releases, so it would not b surprising if some gems had escaped your attention. This is exactly why we put together these weekly roundups, bringing you a selection of the best software from the preceding seven days. If you’re a fans of software and trying out the latest and greatest titles, you’re undoubtedly going to be interested in ensuring that you have the latest versions of all your favorite programs installed. Downloadcrew UpdateScanner Beta is a free tool that keeps you informed about when new versions are released so you don’t have to keep checking manually, as well as bringing you special offers, the latest software news and free giveaways.

It has been a surprisingly busy week when it comes to software designed with businesses in mind. As any modern company will be all too aware, having the right tool for the job can make life so much easier, and this is particularly true when it comes to the world of work. Managing a large team of people working on a project can be difficult, but Revolver Office 9.0.0 Preview is here to help make things easier. Bringing email together with project management, employee and resource assignment and much more into a single package, this is the perfect tool for any business looking to stay ahead of the competition. Many businesses include not only Macs and Windows based PCs, but also computers running Linux. If you are looking for a cross platform office suite that can be used by everyone, look no further than the updated, and free, LibreOffice Productivity Suite 3.4.5. In a similar vein is Lotus Symphony 3.0.1 – again available for all three platforms – providing you with a Microsoft Office compatible suite comprising spreadsheet, word processor and presentation tool.

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Whatever your line of work, or maybe even just for fun, you may well have thought about creating a web site. Rather than plumping for an expensive and complicated top-of-the-range title, why not give CoffeeCup Free HTML Editor v9.7 a try? This free tool is an HTML based editor that is perfect for anyone will a little experience of web site creation, and support for HTML5 and CSS3 means that you are able to experiment with all of the latest techniques. There’s even a code-cleaner on hand to optimize your site by tidying up your HTML. No site would be complete without images, and if you’ve tried GIMP but found the interface a little intimidating, you should take a look at GIMPshop 2.6.11. This is a beautified version of the powerful image manipulation tool that you can use free of charge. If you’re working on a site or want to share images or ideas with friends or co-workers, overcoming email attachment limits can be a pain. Share by BitTorrent (alpha) is a free personal torrent client that can be used to share files of any size quickly and easily.

As well as sharing files, the internet is a great platform for communication, and Skype for Windows Beta is a great way to keep in touch with other people. The latest beta brings improved video calling and Facebook support and is available for Mac and PC. You’ve probably found that when you’re online you tend to visit the same web sites again and again. To make it easier to switch between sites and programs you may be using, take a look at Pokki 0.245 Beta which can be used to transform your favorite web sites into desktop apps. If you’re looking for entertainment online, you can download a wide range of book from Google Books. Google Books Downloader 1.6 is a free tool that enables you to convert these files into different formats so you can use them on different devices more easily. This week also saw the release of Apple iTunes (32-bit) and Apple iTunes (64-bit) which adds support for interactive iBooks synchronization.


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O&O AutoBackup 1.0.106 (32-bit) and O&O AutoBackup 1.0.106 (64-bit) are 32- and 64-bit tools that can help you to ensure that your valuable data is kept safe at all times, while NexusFont 2.5.7 enables you to not only install and view fonts, but also keep them backed up. If security is a concern – which it is for many people – Hardwipe 1.5.0 enables you to prevent the restoration of files you delete from your hard drive by overwriting them a number of times with random data. Another form of protection is provided by this week’s final title, Real Temp 3.70 which enables you to monitor the temperature of your processor so you will know if you have taken overclocking too far.

Join us again the same time next week for another roundup of the week’s releases.

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